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Little Explorers Nursery Suffolk - Rooms

Click to Enlarge Little Explorers Oak Room

The Oak Room

The Oak Room is defined into areas of activity which support children’s learning and development across the seven areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage. As a result of our high adult to child ratio, we are able to offer enjoyable activities which are fun for the child and appropriate to his/her stage of development.

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The Acorn Room

The Acorn Room consists of a designated changing and sleep area, cosy corner, tables for activities and mealtimes, and a sand/water tray. The furniture and resources in the room have been arranged to provide children with opportunities for exploration and supports their developing independence as they begin to move. A record of nappy changes, feeds, sleeps and activities are recorded in each child’s daily diary. This information is passed to the parent/carer at the end of each session.

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Click to Enlarge Little Explorers Acorn Room
Little Explorers Garden

The Garden

At Little Explorers we value the outdoors and the garden is open much of the day. The garden has been divided into different areas similar to indoors; a road to ride bikes on, a grassy area for large motor skills activities, a talking circle and a cosy den for the younger children that are not able to independently explore the garden. Outdoor provision is planned for and assessed using the Early Years Foundation Stage and children enjoy exploring the outdoor world from the safety of the garden.

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